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Carefully take your measurements, with the help of our step-by-step guide.
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_________ No. 1

Please ask someone to help. Place the measuring tape at the tip of one shoulder and wrap it all the way around you like a shawl until it meets back st the same shoulder. The tape should skim the top of your shoulder so closely, it almost slips off. This is the widest circumference of your shoulders.



_________ No. 2

Stand up straight and wrap the measuring tape around your back and across the fullest part of your breasts, usually the middle of them. Pull the measuring tape as taut as you can without changing the shape of your breasts.



_________ No. 3

Use the tape to circle your waist (sort of like a belt would) at your natural waistline, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage. (If you bend to the side, the crease that forms is your natural waistline.) Don't suck in your stomach, or you'll get a false measurement.Wrap the measuring tape around your torso.



_________ No. 4

Hold the measuring tape at one hip, below your hip bone, at the fullest part of your hip. Then, keeping the tape flat, wrap it around the largest part of your butt, your other hip, and bring it back to the meeting point.

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