Meet the models


autumn/winter 2017

surbhi arora

is a young ambitious woman in the field of science!
Seamlessly, takes over multiple roles in a day

(sometimes of a teacher, a wife, a daughter-in-law etc)
with that fresh & soft smile forever on her face!
Her smile reminds us of how beautiful life can be, when you smile!
She is fond of cooking & playing tennis in her spare time.
A #shortMediumTriangle bodyshape, Surbhi wears large size from most of the brands.

meghna middha

like she describes herself, is a midnight versifier !
This Mother scholar has been challenging herself everytime.
She is a writer, researcher, guitarist & what not.
Bold & confident, the new age woman who can take the world around her.
You can often find her doing things that are crazy and fun!
Meghna, is a #AveragePetiteInvertedTriangle!
And, usually wears a medium from other brands.

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