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We're changing the way women shop online. Being your very own design studio, giving you the freedom to create a personalized look that's tailored to your needs–because you deserve it.

Embracing the real you

We haven’t seen anything more beautiful & unique than you. When you are unique then why should your clothing be like someone else.

Bella, your Personal stylist & Designer

Our complimentary personal stylist is here to answer questions, give fashion advice, and help you shop.

Style Customizations

Each Inbode piece has up to 3 style customizations and comes in up to 10 colors.

Ethical made-to-order model

Made-to-order means less waste, since we don’t carry and store excess stock.

Artisan quality

Our clothing is handmade by artisan seamstresses using time-honored techniques

Size + Fit guarantee

A perfect fit at every size. Our clothing is handdcrafted for your shape and size–is guaranteed to fit your body perfectly.

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